Covid-19 Relief Report

Yusuf Meherally Centre, a non-profit development organization, functioning since 1962,has taken up initiatives to meet food security of the most vulnerable communities in lowincome settlements across 7 states. We are…

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Environment at YMC Yusuf Meherally Centre runs various project to protect environment in nearby the centre. By Admin The Yusuf Meherally Centre took up an afforestation programme on a large…

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Paradigm Shift
Rural Development

Paradigm Shift

Since late 90's of the last century the Centre started talking of a paradigm shift. Its experience of development, in general, and of rural areas, in particular, led it to…

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Rural Development Model

Definition The Centre has defined rural development as micro-watershed development plus organic farming plus non-conventional energy plus village industries and marketing their products. This definition is a culmination of nearly…

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About Yusuf Meherally

Yusuf Meherally (September 23, 1903 - July 2, 1950) was in the vanguard of India's struggle for independence. The founder of National Militia and the Bombay Youth League, he played…

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