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Quality products manufactured by Yusuf Meherally Centre, Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu


Yusuf Meherally Centre is manufacturing edible cooking oils such as til oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, kardi oil, etc. These oils are produced by cold process in Ghani and single filtered.

The cold pressed (un-refined) edible oil contains, apart from the fatty acid composition, other natural products in their original form, as ‘aldehydes, ketones, phosphotides, cartinoides, tocopheroeles etc., which contain antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E, and K as in nature.

The role of nature anti-oxidants in the cold pressed Edible oil when consumed helps the body to fight tissue damaging free radicals which are the by -products of the body’s energy making process.


The coconut oil is produced in cold process from dried copra at Yusuf Meherally Centre, Tara. The cold processed oil contains natural sterols, tocopherol, and lactones etc. that are rich in natural vitamins ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘K’.

The undamaged tocopherol of the cold pressed natural coconut oil help to reinvigorate the blood vessels of the hair follicles (roots) and prevents the premature hair falling and premature graying.

The natural coconut oil also helps to maintain the varying amounts of melanin pigments to keep the natural black colour of the hair.

The natural coconut oil displays simulative effect when used for head massage. Tara Supreme Coconut oil is purely of edible quality and free from white oil or ‘LLP’ (light liquid paraffin).


The natural anti-oxidant supplements help get rid of age spots. The natural anti-oxidants content of vitamins ‘A,’ ‘E’ and ‘C’ may increase the body’s ability to fight disease. The natural anti-oxidants may stimulate the body to reinvigorate the blood vessels. The reinvigorated vessels could prevent heart disease and improve circulation, thereby delaying muscle atrophy and helping in faster healing of wounds in old people.

Oil-soluble vitamins in the naturally produced cold pressed edible oil and its functions in the body:
VITAMIN ‘A’ (Retinal) Essential for normal growth and development of normal functioning of epithetical cells and normal development of teeth and bones. Prevents night blindness.

VITAMIN ‘D’ (Cholocalcifrol) Regulates absorption of calcium and phosphorous from the intestinal tract and affords antiacidic activities.
Vitamin ‘E’ (Tocopherols) – protects tissues, cell membranes against pre-oxidation, helps to strengthen red blood cells.
Vitamin ‘K’ (Phytomenadione) Essential for formation of normal amounts of ‘prothrombin’ and blood coagulation. 


The Badaam oil produced by the Yusuf Meherally Centre, is extracted by cold process from the dried kernels of ‘Kedvi Badaam’ (Jagdalu).

The oil is almost indistinguishable from sweet Almond oil in characteristics and composition.

The cold process oil is a rich natural source of vitamin ‘D’, ‘E’, and ‘K’ which help to reinvigorate the subcutaneous tissues of the skin and improve the fair complexion of the skin. This oil is widely used for massaging facial muscles and skin to help gain good complexion and to remove premature wrinkling of the skin.


The massage oil- Sneha- is the product of Yusuf Meherally Centre, Tara. The oil is prepared out of the herbal juice ‘NIRGUDI, with the oil, Til oil, Castor oil, Linseed oil, Garlic, Capsicum,Oil of Lemon grass, etc. 

The NIRGUDI herb is used in Indian villages as a home remedy for sciatica, body/muscle pains.

The deep penetrating action of the oil ‘Sneha’ relieves pain, provides long lasting relief from back aches, joint pains, strains etc. and has a soothing effect on tired muscles.

The production of Sneha oil is developed by the Centre in association with the Centre for Technology Alternative for Rural Areas(CTRA), Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, Powai, Mumbai 400076.

Herbal Hair Oil

The herbal hair oil of Yusuf Meherally Centre is a natural organic product.It is a formulation of fresh medicinal herbs such as; “Maka” (Bringraj), Bramhi,Avla and of the dried seeds and roots of the herbs ‘viz’, ‘Vavchi,’ ‘Nagarmotha,’ ‘Ananth mul,’ ‘Amba Haldhi,’ ‘Pushkar,’ ‘mul,’ ‘Vala,’ etc and prepared in a proportionate mixture of Til oil,coconut oil and castor oil by a slow boiling process. It ensures that the olefin/alkaloid compounds of the green herbs are not destroyed and imbibed fully in the oil. The Herbal Hair Oil displays a simulative effect when used for massage.
The herbal air oil helps to reinvigorate the blood vessels of the muscles and hair follicles and prevents premature hair falling and premature graying of the hair. The Herbal hair oil also creates soothing effect in the body and helps to ward off the weariness, eyes-burning sensation and body pain.

The herbal hair oil is 100% free from paraffin oil and other chemicals used in various such products sold in the market for bleaching and dyeing/ blackening of the hair.


Tara Kutir Soap
Yusuf Meherally Centre is manufacturing toilet (bathing) soaps of the first grade with 76% T.F.M., under the brand names ‘Kutir,’ ‘Vanshri,’ ‘Tara beauty soap,’ ‘Co-op’ soaps with perfumes of Sandal, Cologne and Rose and the ‘Sarvodaya’ brand of ‘KVIC.’ So the emollient action of the surface active agents of the soap is better than any other toilet (bathing) soaps. The toilet soaps do not dry the skin during winter. The ‘Kutir’ bathing soap and the ‘Sarvodaya Neem’ and ‘Tara Neem’ are made out of neem oil that is famous for its medicinal values. It removes bad body odour.

Co-op’, soap
The soaps are made out of non-edible oils and are free from animal fat. The Laundry soap produces natural lather and does not affect the hands or skin. The soaps manufactured by the Yusuf Meherally Centre are environment-friendly.

Sarvodaya Jasmine
The oil is also an active remedy against boils, ulcers and other obstinate ulcers resulting from chronic syphilis, etc., and also heals highly resistant ulcers. Neem oil has proved to be remarkably effective in infection like ring worms, itches etc., Whenever such infection has been suspected the continuous use makes the skin healthy by destroying the parasites. The oil is also an effective remedy for dandruff, a mixture of 20 ml in 100 ml. Coconut oil is sufficient to remove the persisting dandruff.

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Quality products manufactured by Yusuf Meherally Centre, Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu

Edible Oils (cold process) pressed in power ghani

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  • Training in Village industries, namely, village ghani oil, soap, pottery and bakery and organic farming and vermiculture.
  • Preparation of proposals for watershed development projects. Camping site for stay and recreation with cottages and dormitory and good vegetarian food, at an affordable price. Suitable for picnickers, seminars, workshops and nature lovers. 
  • Infrastructure for training facilities, including hostel and a laboratory