Yusuf Meherally Centre has decided to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji as a year of dedication

Yusuf Meherally Centre has decided to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji as a year of dedication in the sense that while remembering him, we would like to complete all those activities which were inspired by him but are still pending to be completed.  We had decided to build replicas of Bapu Kuti, Ba Kuti and Adi Nivas as they are at Sevagram to re-popularize the values of freedom movement and to sensitize citizens to the imminent dangers of global warming. However, we have still to build the Adi Nivas. This will cost us 15 lakhs. And for the maintenance of these we had decided to raise a corpus of a crore, but have failed. We will like to see that we achieve both these.

 Then we wish to make our Apta high school a Centre for Communal Harmony. It will not only have a junior college where Urdu medium and Marathi medium students will study together, but also have a Centre for  Communal Harmony. The activities to be undertaken by it are being listed.  To complete the building (the building is two-third ready) we will need 15 lakhs.

 Besides, we wish to organize 150 events by January 30, 2019. These will include making the Sankul, Madhu-Pramila Dandavate Sankul, look like an Ashram, and the people living in it behave like Ashramites. This is a huge task. We wish to popularize Shramdan, Shramdan as Gandhiji visualized. He was for Swadeshi, for morality or ethics in politics as well as in business, for communal harmony, for simple living for untouchability, banishing of untouchability, for recycling, for using resources maximally – the list is long. Our events will reflect all these. We hope you will agree that in these days of hate speech, intolerance and moral degradation, it is necessary not only to remember Gandhiji but also to make efforts to practice what he preached and practiced.  

 For doing all this we need money, a lot of it, and have set up Gandhi 150 Fund. We will be happy if you contribute, but do it in multiples of 150.  Please respond.



Given below are some of the activities, we have in mind.

We wish to build a replica of Adi Nivas as at Sevagram ……          Rs. 15 lakhs.

We wish to complete Apta High School building to launch a Centre

for Communal Harmony   (we have already raised the amount)……. Rs. 15 lakhs.

We wish to have a corpus of a crore for maintenance of Bapu

Kuti Parisar and its activities (only partially raised)……..             Rs. 1 crore.  

We wish to run our Sagarshalas as well as schools for migrant

children in Kutch costing annually……….                                            Rs. 30 lakhs.

We wish to rebuild the OPD and quarters of the Tara

hospital demolished in road widening (partially raised)………       Rs. 1 crore.

We wish to popularize our 20-bed cottage hospital at Anjanvel,

Guhaghar taluka, on which we have spent four crores plus

This will need annually………                                                              Rs. 50 lakhs.

We wish to organize 150 training camps for would be

speakers on Gandhiji at 15 thousand per camp…….                      Rs. 22.5 lakhs

We wish to build a library of books on Gandhiji

and by Gandhiji and on freedom movement and

global warming………                                                                               Rs. 15 lakhs



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