Yusuf Meherally Centre is working in flood affected Kerala

Yusuf Meherally Centre is working in flood affected Kerala

Yusuf Meherally Centre is working in flood affected Kuttanad area. Based at Thalavady village in Alleppey, its volunteers cleaned anganwadis, schools and houses of sick and elderly people in that village.

Having worked in relief operations in worst natural calamities like the Gujarat Cyclone, floods in Orissa, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir and Tsunami in Orissa and Nagipattanam, the Centre was quick to identify problems to be attended in Kerala.

A post flood sample survey conducted by Haritha Mission and the Pollution Control Board reconfirmed the high level of e coli bacteria in the wells of Thalavady Panchayat. The organization took up dewatering of inundate wells in these villages which were heavily contaminated with flood water with waste from overflowing ponds, paddy fields and sceptic tanks. They are continuing clean up of the wells and super-chlorination by their volunteers from Uttarakhand and Orissa. 

Many parts of Thalavady and adjoining villages have no access to supply of piped water either.  To begin with the Centre is providing selected households with water filters.  On long term they plan to install RO plants in those areas where the drinking water issue is worse. We are lining up with local Panchayat for implementation, operations maintenance of this program.

While drinking water is its area of focus, Yusuf Meherally Centre has also identified repair, maintenance and rebuilding of damaged school, anganwadi, dwelling units, toilets, and livelihood support structures such as cattle sheds, poultry cages, etc. for the most vulnerable families in Thalavady and Muttar Panchayats. Plans are afoot to undertake these rehabilitation works.

Our efforts will also be creating awareness against rampant abuse of the rivers, surface water reservoirs and ponds in the region and appropriate waste disposal systems. YMC will be joining hands with organisations working for protection of the fragile wetland eco system of Kuttanad by rejuvenating the water sources and preventing its pollution.

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